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Welcome new board members! CASB's website is filled with useful information to help you be the best board member. However, we know early on in your school board career, tons of information can be daunting. We created this area of the website to point you to specific areas useful to new board members. Feel free to explore the entire website, but you might want to begin here!

Members-Only Area of Website

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To access information exclusive to CASB members, you'll need your school district's password and username. Each individual school district has its own shared username and password. Once CASB obtains your contact information via your board secretaries (usually by January), we will be sending you a personal card with your username and password information.

In the meantime, if you'd like to access the Members-Only area of the website, you can obtain your password/username information by contacting Renee Combs at 303-832-1000, 800-530-8430. Or, one of your fellow board members or the superintendents' secretary can get it for you.

CASB Services Guide

CASB provides services, information and training programs to support school board members as they govern their local districts. Membership benefits and solutions are designed to enhance school board effectiveness and help board members increase their knowledge, boost their efficiency and connect with their communities. CASB offers a diverse range of benefits and services that are included in membership dues, as well as additional fee-based customized solutions that are offered far below market value.

School Board Member Leadership Workbook

This handbook, revised every school board election, is your one-stop shop for all information board-related. The board handbook has become many school board's go-to source for everything from maximizing board relationships to understanding school finance.

Gavel GuideTM

Master the ins and outs of school board meeting protocol with CASB's mobile app.