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Bullying Prevention Resources

Bullying in schools has long been recognized as a negative influence on the emotional and intellectual development of children. In recent years bullying prevention resources have become more available and research has shed even more light on the destructive nature of bullying.

CASB Special Policy Update

The Colorado General Assembly passed legislation in 2011 that impacts board of education policy. HB 11-1254 creates a number of initiatives designed to prevent bullying in schools. CASB’s June 30, 2011 Special Policy Update (member login required) provides a summary of the legislation, explains the impact on board policy and school discipline, offers additional resources and revised sample policies. If you haven’t reviewed the June 30, 2011 Special Policy Update, please click on the link.

Other Bullying Prevention Resources

CASB is pleased to provide links to additional resources on bullying and bullying prevention. The Colorado Legacy Foundation has some quality information that is consistent with CASB’s guidance on bullying in schools.

Colorado’s 2011 Bullying Prevention Law: What Every School and District Needs to Know
This video gives teachers, administrators, school board members and parents a snapshot of what HB 11-1254 means for schools; legal implications regarding state and federal civil rights laws; and how schools and districts can use best practice bullying prevention strategies to translate policy into practice.

The link above will also direct you to two FAQs Legacy has developed to assist districts in discussing school bullying and the new legislation with colleagues and the community.

Visit Legacy’s Bullying Prevention website for additional resources.

Bullying and Harassment Prevention and Education – School Resource Guide

The Colorado School Safety Resource Center and the Colorado Department of Public Safety produced this guide. It includes concise information for schools including key messages, best practices, intervention guidelines, FAQs, a list of Colorado bullying prevention groups and additional online resources.

Harassment, Bullying and Free Expression – Guidelines for Free and Safe Public Schools

These guidelines are intended to help public schools balance the need for school safety with the need for free expression. These guidelines are based on current law. They do not provide guidance for every situation. But they should provide useful guidance for school officials seeking to create a safe and free learning environment.