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Great Governing

Research has shown that what happens in the boardroom directly impacts achievement in the classroom. Boards that excel at governing lead districts where teachers excel at teaching and students excel at learning.

That’s why CASB is dedicated to continuous board improvement and great governing. This page connects you with some of the best resources and inspiration both from outside sources and from you, Colorado board members.

CASB Great Governing Resources, Toolbox & Blog:

dedicated to the 900-plus hard-working school board members, this blog is a place to glean (and share!) inspiration. You will also find a compilation of ideas for improving your board team and weathering any storms that come your way. Here’s an excerpt:

“When I first ran for school board, I was contacted by several previous elected officials who wanted to give me advice and help me prepare. I welcomed those contacts since I was not at all prepared or knowledgeable about running for office, nor did I have a complete view of the work of the board of education.

One contact stands out in my mind. She was a previous member of the school board and was especially anxious to tell me all that I needed to win the race and succeed at my new job. However, the advice and discussion only revolved around my looks…” Read More.
To contribute, contact Randy Black or 303-832-1000 or 800-530-8430. You can also receive emails alerting you when the blog is updated.

CASB Leadership Workbook:  

Published each election year, the CASB Leadership Workbook is your guide to board leadership. It includes background on some of the tough issues and the inner workings of education in Colorado. It’s also your guide to what CASB can provide.


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