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Blueprint for Education Community Engagement Toolkit


House Bill 1118, signed into law in 2007, requires all school boards in Colorado to conduct a community-based process to develop a blueprint for education in the community and to determine the skills students will need to be successful after graduation. The law states that school boards shall seek input from the community at large. SB 212, signed into law in 2008, confirmed this requirement and adjusted the timeline for completion. HB 1013, approved in 2010 and HB 1240, passed in 2012, further altered the applicable timelines.

The board must use the blueprint, along with guidelines for high school graduation requirements developed by the State Board of Education, to establish local high school graduation requirements applicable to students enrolling in the 9th grade beginning in the 2014-15 school year.

CASB developed this toolkit to assist school boards in the effort to engage the community in a dialogue about its local blueprint for education. Inside the toolkit, you will find resources to help you understand effective community engagement, as well as tools to walk you through your entire community-based process.

Read how other districts are fulfilling these requirements.

1.  Background

2.  Community Engagement and the Blueprint for Education

3.  Preparing for your community engagement program

4.  Your community engagement meetings